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Panasolar Green Energy, Corp.

Panasolar Green Power, S.A.

These are two projects of 6 MW/DC – 5 MW/AC to be developed in an area 300 meters from Panasolar Generation. They have all the necessary licenses, permits, and studies to start with their construction and operation.

The land is owned, has a size of 24 ha and is very close to Panasolar Generation SA, where the line will be connected via a TAP. 

The construction and assembly phase is very short - around six months

It was decided' to separate the licenses to be more flexible Already you have the Viability of Connecting with ETESA, it is an indirect connection through Panasolar Generation S.A.

The feasibility of processed interconnection includes the eventual use of batteries, this may increase the cost of construction a bit, but would offer several advantages:

  • Less need for a backup contract in case of having PPAs

  • Be able to buy energy at night at very low cost or zero and resell it the day

  • Dock the day production curve with the Panama load curve

  • Have firm power and be able to supply power in contracts or tender ations

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