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Panasolar Group is an industrial group active in the development, construction and operation of photovoltaic solar power generation plants. Photovoltaics are the only existing technology that can convert light into electric current without using mechanical parts or motors, so it does not produce any noise or contamination. We produce and market clean energy at 100%!! ¿How its work?

The Panasolar Group's experience in the energy sector, the ability to create and manage assets by minimizing environmental impact and actively supporting local communities, allow us to be very proud of the quality of our energy and the contribution to Panama's social and environmental development. We are committed to growing in the renewable energy sector to give Panamanian families and businesses increasingly sustainable energy. Our extraordinary performance in the social and environment puts us in a unique position in the Republic of Panama': We are the only photovoltaic power plant in Panama that has the certification of the Gold Standard Foundation of Germany and is regulated by the higher social and environmental guidelines required by global intergovernmental entities such as the World Bank's INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CORPORATION'S PERFORMANCE STANDARDS and the ECUATOR PRINCIPLE developed by leading institutions.

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